Improve your Golf

With four qualified P.G.A Professionals, an undercover driving range, C Swing video coaching, a 7 hole par 3 course, three chipping and putting greens and two fabulous 18 hole courses, we have everything to offer the complete beginner to the experienced player.

It is an honour and a responsibility for a P.G.A Professional to teach golf. Whether it is introducing someone new to the game or improving an existing players consistency and enjoyment, there surely cannot be anything more rewarding than imparting and transferring knowledge.

At Worthing Golf Club ‘Michael Henning Golf; offers an extensive range of coaching programmes for all levels. 

Michael Henning | Head Professional WGC, P.G.A Director of Golf, Advanced Fellow of the P.G.A

I found golf very difficult and to become a low handicap player I have studied, researched and worked on my own game for countless hours. I firmly believe I can empathise with most my students swing issues as undoubtedly I have encountered and corrected similar nuances in my own game.

I use "instinctive" exercises which allows a pupil to feel the desired positions. In my opinion they are miracle ways of fast-tracking the learning process and teaching the brain/muscles to incorporate correct movements.

If you wish to experience real change and improved your golf why not give me a call. I am usually booked for some weeks ahead so please give me ample notice. 

I look forward to working with you.

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Nigel Lee | PGA Golf Professional

My goals when coaching are to work alongside you and and taking into account your needs, mobility, ability, injury concerns and aspirations, so we can plan together for future development goals.

Throughout my coaching career I've worked alongside players of all abilities, ranging from beginners to Tour Professionals and for more than 40 years I've observed various "fads" come and go - however, what never changes are the "fundamentals" the most important of these is the "moment of truth" when the club head strikes the ball. 

I'm looking forward to assessing your game and planning a new game of golf for you.

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Matt Cole | P.G.A qualified Professional

Your game and swing are constantly evolving, each memory reinforces an action, be it positively or negatively. Understanding how and why is key to the learning process.

Bob Rotella wrote "Golf is not a game of perfect" and I firmly believe this, the pursuit of the perfect swing will only lead to overload and confusion. Sound fundamentals are the foundations of a repetitive, efficient and long-lasting golf swing.

So, how to become more consistent… confidence, understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, knowledge and appreciation of sound fundamentals and finally practice to develop these areas.

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Zhane Mayo | Assistant PGA Professional

Golf has always been a large part of my life since I started playing at the age of 10. 

Up until the start of 2017 I was still very much focused on my own playing rather than coaching. It wasn't until I tried a semester on a golf scholarship in America that I realised I prefer the joy of coaching golf and returned to the UK to start my PGA training. 

I am now in my last year of PGA Training, and have obtained my Level 2 coaching certificate. Through my training with the PGA and the Professionals at the club I am learning more and more about how individual each person's game is and how everyone can find ways to play well and enjoy the game of golf.

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